Serina and Will’s romantic Colorado engagement session was something special. They started off by just walking around town in their chic outfits, soaking up the city vibes. It was nice to see them being themselves, giving me authentic and genuine moments. Later, they took things to a more relaxed setting, heading out to an open field. They brought along some champagne and snacks for a picnic. It was simple but sweet, just enjoying each other’s company in the quiet of nature.

What I really took away from their session was how authentic they were. They didn’t try to be anyone else or put on a show for the camera. They were just Serina and Will, and their love for each other shone through in every moment. So, if you’re planning your own engagement session, take a cue from Serina and Will: keep it real. You don’t need fancy props or extravagant settings. Just be yourselves, and let the love do the talking.

To achieve that authenticity, here are three short tips:

1. Choose meaningful locations:

Pick places that hold significance to your relationship. These locations will add depth and personal meaning to your photos, making them more authentic and memorable.

2. Incorporate activities you enjoy:

Instead of solely focusing on posing for pictures, engage in activities that you both love doing together. Whether it’s cooking together at home or taking a leisurely stroll, these activities will naturally bring out genuine emotions and interactions, resulting in more authentic photos.

3. Embrace candid moments:

Lastly, embrace candid moments. Some of the best photos happen when you least expect them. Laugh, play, and enjoy each other’s company, and let your photographer capture the genuine emotions and connections between you. These candid moments will tell the true story of your love and create photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Kind Words

“Grace was amazing! She was so patient and did so well with directing me and my fiancé with natural poses! I love the candid vibe! Couldn’t ask for someone better!” – Stevi Keen