When planning your wedding, it’s common to mainly focus on capturing the ceremony and bridal portraits. But there are important moments beyond these. Here are 7 things you HAVE to have photographed at your wedding. Including some unexpected ones you might not have thought about.

1. Getting Ready Anticipation:

The moments leading up to the ceremony are filled with raw emotions, nervous excitement, and shared laughter. Capturing the anticipation, the exchanged glances, and the tender moments between you and your close ones as you prepare for the big day can add a beautiful narrative to your wedding story.

2. Candid Guest Reactions:

While the focus is often on the couple, the reactions of your guests during key moments like the vows, first kiss, or speeches are priceless. Genuine smiles, tears of joy, and expressions of love from your friends and family contribute to the overall atmosphere of your celebration.

3. Moments of Reflection:

With all of the hecticness, finding quiet moments where you and your partner steal a glance, share a secret smile, or simply take a deep breath together can be incredibly meaningful. These moments capture the intimacy and connection that make your relationship unique.

4. Unexpected Acts of Kindness

Whether it’s a helping hand from a bridesmaid, a reassuring touch from a family member, or a small act of kindness between guests, these candid and unscripted moments can tell a heartwarming story of the love and support surrounding you on your wedding day.

5. Kids being Kids

Children add an element of unpredictability and charm to weddings. Candid shots of flower girls twirling in their dresses, ring bearers playing, or kids being themselves in their world can bring a beautiful al touch to your wedding album.

6. Dancing Guests:

While the spotlight is often on the couple during the first dance, capturing the joy of your guests on the dance floor is just as beautiful. Candid shots of friends and family letting loose and celebrating are a vibrant addition to your wedding album.

7. Personalized Details:

Photographing the little details that reflect your personalities and tell your story can be incredibly meaningful. From personalized wedding favors to handwritten notes, these details add a layer of intimacy and uniqueness to your wedding documentation.

On your wedding day, some of the most cherished moments are the ones you didn’t plan but happened organically. As your wedding photographer, I aim to capture these hidden gems, so that your wedding tells an authentic story of the day you said “I do.” I hope these 7 things you have to have photographed at your wedding helped understand the eyes of a photographer a little more.

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Kind Words

“Grace was amazing! She was so patient and did so well with directing me and my fiancé with natural poses! I love the candid vibe! Couldn’t ask for someone better!” – Stevie Keen