I had the most amazing mountain view engagement session with Stevi and Levi the other day, and I just can’t wait to share the deets with you. Picture this: a dreamy engagement shoot in the heart of Colorado, surrounded by nothing but open fields and a seemingly endless road. It was like something straight out of a romance movie🤍. Continue scrolling to read all about this romantic engagement session for Stevi and Levi.

First off, let me say that photographing this couple was so effortless! They were so naturally photogenic allowing me to capture all of these beautiful moments making my job so much easier. We decided to start our session in this open field that seemed to stretch on forever. The backdrop of the mountains was just the cherry on top🤌🏼✨. Can you imagine a more perfect setting for an engagement session? The best part was the candid moments I captured. Walking hand in hand down that long winding road, surrounded by nothing but land, was just amazing. I swear, I almost felt like I was intruding on this private intimate moment. But hey, that’s what makes a great photo, right?

As the sun dipped below the mountains, painting the sky in hues of pink and orange, we wrapped up the session. I had an amazing time capturing this memorable mountain view engagement session moment for Stevi and Levi and I can’t wait for you guys to all see how they turned out! Keep scrolling to see some of the sneak peeks from how this session turned out📸💗 🙂

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Kind Words

“Gracie is your photographer. That’s all! She got me (a total introvert) to smile and have fun! I’m just so glad I met her, she’s my photog for life!” -Brianna